Blockchain marketing news in April 2020

Does anyone else feel like things are really starting to hot up?

With the Bitcoin halvening less than two weeks away, the price rally that many expected is happening. At the same time, there seems to have been a steadily increasing flow of blockchain marketing news that has made this something of a bumper month.

Can we put this down to the halvening? Or is focus shifting to blockchain and crypto projects (which already operated as decentralised, remote-friendly organisations) as a result of the COVID-19 lockdowns around the world? Who knows but we suspect it’s mostly to do with Bitcoin.

Brave, one of our favourite blockchain marketing technologies is getting a lot of coverage right now and our main news story this month details their complaints to the European Commission about under-resourcing of data protection. YouTube features quite a bit in the newsletter too, as does Libra, which is hiring 50 additional people in Dublin, Ireland.

There’s loads to catch up on this month but we thought we’d point you in the direction of a couple of noteworthy articles before you get on with reading through it all yourself.

Firstly, there’s our latest guide on writing regular thought leadership articles. Our step by step process will enable you to get into the flow of production and publication so you can establish your thought leadership credentials.

Also, there’s an important message in a blog from internet pioneer Marc Andreesen that tells us all “it’s time to build”. We couldn’t agree more so let’s all get on with it!

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How to write regular blockchain and crypto thought leadership articles

In our latest guide for founders, consultants and c-suite executives, we outline the steps you need to take and the habits you must form to write and publish regular thought leadership articles. It includes a look at what some of the best blockchain and crypto thought leaders have done to establish their credentials.

News and Reports

Brave accuses European governments of GDPR resourcing failure

The Brave browser is one of our favourite blockchain marketing technologies and its campaign and lobbying agenda seems to be stepping up. According to TechCrunch, the pro-privacy project has lodged complaints with the European Commission about 27 EU countries under-resourcing their national data protection watchdogs.

YouTube’s algorithm is punishing crypto content

According to Cointelegraph, changes that YouTube has made to its review process as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic might have resulted in a range of crypto-related videos being deleted. This is just the latest skirmish in a long running battle between the video giant and a range of crypto content producers.

Blockchain, not crypto, is at the core of Facebook’s Libra, says Vice Chair

According to the Libra Association’s Vice Chair Dante Disparte, the digital currency project is far more reliant on blockchain technology than any cryptocurrency aspect. Stating that the project remains “very committed to blockchain architecture” might be a subtle way of distancing it from any negative views regulators might have of crypto.

Blockchain Firm’s DApp for ads now available on Facebook and Twitter

The Smart Advertising Transaction Token (or SaTT) claims to be offering advertisers the change to utilise blockchain technology to launch and manage their campaigns across major social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. We’ll have to wait to see if the benefits are forthcoming but it looks like an interesting bridge between the existing advertising world and a new decentralised paradigm.

Ripple sues YouTube over cryptocurrency scams

Ironically given the other news we’ve featured this month, Ripple is suing YouTube alleging that the video platform failed to protect users from cryptocurrency giveaway scams. It’s an interesting development, considering the way big tech has used bans on cryptocurrency advertising on their platforms in the past.

Facebook affirms Libra commitment with 50 new job openings in Ireland

Thought Libra was dead? Think again. Facebook is hiring 50 people to work within its payments subsidiary Calibra on the stablecoin project. According to a Calibra spokesperson, many of the new hires, who will be based in Dublin, Ireland, will be working in a new compliance team to liaise with regulators.

Japanese advertising giant promotes content creators using blockchain

According to the Nikkei newspaper, Dentsu, one of the largest advertising companies in Japan, is working on a Proof of Concept (PoC) with Kadokawa Ascii research laboratories that will reward independent content creators using blockchain technology. The PoC aims to reward livestreamers of popular manga commentary videos.

Fold joins Visa fintech program to launch debit card with bitcoin cashback rewards

Fold is one of the most talked about bitcoin-related startups of the moment and this new partnership with Visa will only increase that chatter. The payment app, which allows users to earn bitcoin cashback rewards, has joined Visa’s Fintech Fast Track programme in a move that might help to accelerate its growth.

Verge enters marketing partnership with MeconCash

Utility focused cryptocurrency project Verge has partnered with MeconCash, the South Korean crypto company. For Verge, the partnership will add momentum to its efforts in one of its most important markets while, for MeconCash, it adds a globally recognised cryptocurrency to its roster of partners.

Features and Interviews

Crypto-powered Brave browser has Google Chrome in its sights

Another Brave browser article here that looks at the applications rise to prominence. The privacy-oriented browser is used by a lot of crypto communities but this sort of article in a mainstream publication like Forbes, which revolves around statements from founder Brendan Eich, shows how its profile is growing.

YouTube bans drive cryptocurrency fans to decentralized alternatives

Social networks feature regularly in the Blockchain Marketing Newsletter and this short piece looks at how their ongoing battles with various crypto projects have driven some users to other platforms. Based on the findings of ‘Bitcoin for Beginners’, this article lists some of the decentralised alternatives available.

Industry opinions

Google, Facebook and Apple need to kill Bitcoin

Do we agree with this headline? No, of course not. In fact, the headline is rather sneaky clickbait as the writer doesn’t make an argument for why these companies need to kill bitcoin. Instead, he simply points out that they clearly intend to introduce their own centralized financial service products.

Why blockchain occupies a unique seat at the advertising table

While this article is written by the Chief Strategy Officer for Aqilliz, who has a vested interest in promoting this view, we believe it is a valid one that should be heard. As Prateek Dayal says in his article, “blockchain technology holds massive potential for introducing greater transparency, automation, and decentralization to digital advertising”.

And finally...

Marc Andreesen: It’s time to build

As regular readers will know, our ‘and finally…’ section exists to highlight articles that blockchain marketers should read, even if they don’t cover blockchain marketing. This opinion piece from internet pioneer Marc Andreesen reminds us all that we should focus on building - a message that is extremely important for anyone in blockchain or crypto right now.

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