Blockchain marketing news in December 2019

The end of the year is always a time when we reflect on previous results and make forecasts for the year to come.

2019 was a remarkable year for the blockchain marketing industry. Now we are about to start a brand new decade of exciting opportunities.

This excitement is reflected in our main news story, which details how Jack Dorsey wants to use open source technology to make Twitter a decentralised social media network. This is truly exciting news for the future, as one of the tech world’s most prominent pioneers shows his backing for the industry.

Apart from this, it is no surprise that most of our other stories cover blockchain predictions for the 2020s. We can expect China to launch its own digital currency, more crypto-friendly regulations around the world and increased adoption of stablecoins.

Blockchain technology could even be fighting fake news and deep fakes - something that is expected to come into full swing before 2023. But if we stick with more reasonable expectations,some believe blockchain will revolutionise the affiliate marketing industry and finally move from hype to mainstream adoption.

Moving away from the forecasts, another piece of promising news this month was that blockchain-based browser Brave reached the 10 million users milestone. The same positivity can’t be attached to Facebook’s Libra though, with many founding partners having already dropped out of the project before it has even kicked off. However, one person that isn’t downcast is David Marcus, co-creator of Libra, who has shared his continuing optimism about the global digital currency project.

‘And Finally’ there’s a little treat for the end of the year with a timeline of crypto and blockchain’s decade-long journey to prominence.

So that’s it from us in 2019. Happy new year, good luck for 2020 and don't forget, we are the pioneers!

News and Reports

Jack Dorsey wants to decentralize Twitter

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has a new vision for an open and decentralized social media platform. He recently announced that Twitter is funding a small independent team of open source architects, engineers, and designers who will use blockchain technology to provide “open and durable hosting, governance, and even monetization” of this popular platform.

Google’s YouTube Goes To War With Bitcoin And Crypto

It is not news that Google has a troubling relationship with Bitcoin and Crypto. After they banned cryptocurrency ads for three months back in 2018, they now decided to remove hundreds of crypto-currency related videos from its video-sharing platform. Soon after Youtube has apologized for this mistake and reinstalled removed videos, but the question remains: Will cryprocommunity have to find an alternative censorship-resistant platform for content sharing?

Private Blockchain Browser Brave Doubles Monthly Active Users in 2019

Since it’s launch back in 2016, Brave browser has recorded major growth in the number of active monthly users. That number surpassed 10 million in November 2019, and it seems that this blockchain-based browser “has a chance to compete with mainstream internet browsers and advertising platforms long term”. It’s competitive advantage: Basic Attention Token (BAT) that users receive simply by browsing the Internet.

Features and Interviews

David Marcus, Facebook’s Libra Defender

Things aren't going well for Facebook's Libra. Dozens of corporate partners have already dropped out of this project and the US Senate has openly criticized Facebook’s cryptocurrency but David Marcus, co-creator of Libra, still believes that the future is bright for his crypto project. If you want to know what he has to say in Libra’s defense, check out this Bloomberg article.

Caty Tedman from Dapper Labs on kitties, the NBA and the future of blockchain gaming

Caty Tedman, Head of Marketing & Partnerships for Dapper Labs, had a short but insightful interview with Pocket, where she shared her thoughts on how it looks like to work for a highly successful blockchain-gaming company, what are her main challenges in Marketing department and what the future brings for the blockchain gaming industry.

What Are The Top 10 Blockchain Predictions For 2020?

Another article that tackles blockchain predictions and expectations for 2020, only this time perspective is more regulatory and political. Looking forward into the next year, we can expect to see China launch it’s own Digital Currency, Bitcoin ETF not to be approved, the limited functionality of Facebook’s Libra and 7 other events that will shape the blockchain ecosystem in 2020.

Cryptocurrency Trends to watch out for in 2020

Last but not least is the Entrepreneur article on major cryptocurrency predictions for 2020. Spoiler alert, the future looks bright, and we eagerly await to see some of those exciting events that will further pave the way for crypto and blockchain development.

Industry Opinions

How blockchain will kill fake news (and four other predictions for 2020)

This article envisions greater blockchain adoption in the years ahead of us, even in the areas that were never before considered. According to Gartner report: “By 2023, up to 30% of world news and video content will be authenticated as real by blockchain ledgers”. And that’s not all, it seems that the combination of blockchain and AI is the only hope in fighting deepfakes and securing financial services and digital identities.

Blockchain To Do Away With Middlemen, Making Affiliate Marketing More Profitable

This opinion piece follows a familiar path on how blockchain will revolutionize affiliate marketing industry. The reasons it ended up in our newsletter is the comprehension and in-detailed overview of all the challenges of the industry and all the benefits of blockchain adoption. However, it doesn’t give us the answer to the most important questions: When (if ever) will it happen?

Will Blockchain Play a Role in Marketing in 2020?

Just to be clear, the answer is: yes and this article will give you 5 promising reasons why will blockchain achieve mainstream adoption. From an optimized advertising value chain to targeted content delivery, blockchain is changing the face of marketing and we can only expect a lot more to come in the new year.

Six Blockchain Marketing Trends for 2020

We mentioned numerous predictions for 2020 (and beyond) but this article is a definite go for anyone who is planning to get serious about blockchain marketing or is already in the business. Contrary to the aforementioned articles that are mostly opinion and long-run oriented, this piece gives more retrospective insight of marketing trends that already started in 2019 and will continue to dominate the blockchain marketing scene in the nearest future.

And Finally…

The Decade in Blockchain — 2010 to 2020 in Review

Who would have thought it has been a decade since the first-ever Bitcoin transaction. From Satoshi Nakamoto and his Genesis Block to Ethereum and decentralized finance, a lot of things have changed since 2009. But this article is a great reminder of all the major events that shaped the crypto and blockchain industry.

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