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Blockchain marketing news in December 2022

December’s news has included significant involvement from major enterprises and brands.

Meta, led by CEO Mark Zuckerberg, continues to push forward with its metaverse plans, despite current challenges and skepticism. Zuckerberg emphasized the long-term vision and necessary investments, while also critiquing Apple's restrictive App Store policies. In a potential boon for crypto and NFT apps, Apple plans to open its ecosystem by allowing external iOS apps, starting in Europe with a potential global rollout.

Starbucks launched its Web3 rewards platform, Starbucks Odyssey, on the Polygon network, which has seen "unprecedented" interest and allows users to earn and trade NFT “Journey Stamps.” Meanwhile, Amazon's new documentary series, NFTMe, explores the cultural and economic impact of NFTs through interviews with global industry pioneers. Fidelity Investments is also expanding its Web3 presence by filing trademark applications for various NFT and crypto trading services in the metaverse, despite the current market volatility.

These developments highlight the growing mainstream interest in blockchain and Web3 technologies, which can be seen as a positive indicator of the sector's potential. However, it also raises concerns about the market reaching a late cycle, where hype may overshadow sustainable growth.

The end of the year brings reflective articles and forward-looking predictions. CoinDesk recognized two influential figures of 2022: generative artist Tyler Hobbs, who has maintained strong NFT sales despite the bear market, and Pali Bhat, Reddit’s Chief Product Officer, who successfully launched Reddit's NFT marketplace. Additionally, a Cointelegraph article predicts trends for 2023, including a decline in crypto venture funding, increased collaboration with big brands, and evolving regulations.

Despite the challenges, crypto remains a hot topic in mainstream publications. Adweek discusses how crypto publishers are adapting to fluctuating ad revenues, while Reader’s Digest offers strategies for successful crypto project marketing. For those seeking clarity on the relationship between blockchain and Web3, Cointelegraph provides a comprehensive explanation, highlighting the integration of AI, AR, VR, and IoT with blockchain for decentralized applications.

Overall, December's news suggests there are both challenges and opportunities ahead as we move into 2023.

News and Reports

Meta ‘powering through’ with metaverse plans despite doubts — Zuckerberg

CEO Mark Zuckerberg remains optimistic about the metaverse, emphasizing long-term vision and necessary investments. While acknowledging current challenges and layoffs, he commits to continuing substantial investments in Reality Labs. He also criticized Apple's restrictive App Store policies, advocating for more open computing platforms

Apple Plans to Allow External iOS Apps in Potential Boon for Crypto, NFTs

Apple plans to open its ecosystem by allowing the installation of apps from external sources, in a move that could benefit NFT and crypto apps currently restricted by App Store policies. The feature, expected in iOS 17, may initially launch in Europe and potentially expand globally.

Starbucks Sees 'Unprecedented Interest' as Polygon NFT Rewards Platform Launches

Starbucks launched its Web3 rewards platform, Starbucks Odyssey, on the Polygon network, offering NFT-based rewards for purchases and activities. Initial beta testers have joined, with more to be added in January 2023. The platform has seen "unprecedented" demand, allowing users to earn and trade NFT “Journey Stamps.”

Amazon's new series 'NFTMe' explores NFT culture and disruption worldwide

Amazon's new documentary series, NFTMe, explores the impact of NFTs through interviews with artists, collectors, and industry professionals worldwide. Spanning six episodes, it features 50 NFT pioneers and highlights NFT technology's cultural, social, and economic influences.

Fidelity plans NFT marketplace and financial services in the metaverse

Fidelity Investments has filed trademark applications for various Web3 products, including an NFT marketplace and crypto trading services in the metaverse. The filings indicate plans for investment services, payment solutions, and educational offerings within virtual worlds. Despite market volatility, Fidelity is expanding its Web3 presence and advocating for stronger regulation.

Features and Interviews

The metaverse is happening without Meta's permission

Meta's vision of the metaverse has been met with criticism for being lifeless and ad-centric. True metaverse experiences thrive in existing platforms like Fortnite and Roblox, which blend digital and real-world identities. NFTs and decentralization empower creators, shaping a more immersive, creator-driven future.

He Keeps Art NFTs Hot in Crypto Winter

One of CoinDesk’s most influential figures of 2022, generative artist Tyler Hobbs has thrived. His QQL collection raised $17 million in September 2022, following the success of his Fidenza collection in 2021. Hobbs' generative art, created through algorithms, remains popular, illustrating its resilience and potential future impact.

A Rookie Knocks Reddit’s NFT Marketplace Out of the Park

Another of CoinDesk’s most influential figures of 2022 is Pali Bhat, Reddit's first Chief Product Officer, who successfully launched the platform's NFT marketplace. Despite a struggling NFT market, Reddit's NFTs generated over $11 million, surpassing the user base of established marketplaces like OpenSea.

How to create a successful crypto project marketing strategy

To succeed and stand out in the rapidly growing crypto market, businesses need a strong, targeted marketing strategy. Knowing your target customer, researching competitors, and setting SMART goals is crucial for gaining users' trust and maximizing opportunities.

For Crypto Publishers, Boom and Bust Are Two Sides of the Same Coin

As the cryptocurrency markets soared, publishers like CoinDesk and Decrypt benefited from increased advertising by exchanges. However, a decline in consumer trust and ad spending has forced publishers to adapt. Despite increased traffic due to industry scandals, ad revenue has plummeted, prompting diversification.

What is the relationship between blockchain and Web3?

Blockchain is foundational for Web3 but technologies like AI, AR, VR, and IoT also play crucial roles. Web3 leverages blockchain for decentralization, while AI and other technologies enhance its applications. Web3's broader tech integration is key for decentralized apps and digital asset management.

Industry Opinions

10 predictions for crypto in 2023

The crypto market faced significant turmoil in 2022, with many entities struggling. Predictions for 2023 include a decline in crypto venture funding, increased collaboration with big brands, a shift in community dynamics, a focus on quality in Web3 apps, stablecoin adoption and evolving regulations.

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