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Content marketing and copywriting for crypto and blockchain companies

Build an effective content marketing strategy with the help of an experienced blockchain copywriter.

Are you the Head of Marketing for a crypto or blockchain company who wants to use content to drive lead generation, brand awareness or account-based marketing strategies?

If so, Blockchain Copywriter can provide the experienced support you need to establish or improve your content marketing.

Effective content marketing requires a strategy that aligns with your company’s aims and a clear understanding of your customers’ needs. This needs to be put into effect using efficient content creation processes and distribution tactics, with activity reported on regularly to ensure your goals are met and, if not, improvements are implemented

This is a significant amount of work for anyone but especially for marketing leaders or small teams with limited resources. Content marketing might be just one element of your marketing strategy that needs to be implemented. Also, your fellow founders or leaders might be expecting a lot, even though you only have a junior team of marketing generalists and freelance creatives.

Blockchain Copywriter will enable you to achieve the goals that others expect to move your company, product or service onto the next level of growth and profitability. If you’re ready to get started, get in touch now with a brief overview of what help you need.

Which companies, projects and teams can benefit from Blockchain Copywriter?

Blockchain Copywriter works exclusively with companies, projects and teams in the blockchain, crypto, defi and web3 ecosystems because I’ve been operating in this sector since 2017 and are therefore better placed to hit the ground running than a copywriting or content generalist.

The marketing leaders who benefit most from working with Blockchain Copywriter are those who have big plans for the next 6-12 months but are struggling to implement them because they can’t access content marketers with knowledge and experience in this sector.

You might have a small team of one to five people, usually consisting of marketing generalists who can support all your marketing initiatives but don't have much industry experience. You might also have access to designers, copywriters, video makers, digital marketers and social media experts who know their craft but not the technical detail of blockchain, crypto, defi or web3.

Blockchain Copywriter can help you because I provide the specialist industry expertise that is lacking from your team at present. By working with you to develop your content marketing strategy and to put the plan into effect using the resources you have available, I can help you to establish content as the key driver behind achieving your marketing goals.

If you’re a marketing leader that needs an experienced Blockchain Copywriter to help you achieve your goals, get in touch now.

How can Blockchain Copywriter establish or improve your content marketing strategy?

Blockchain Copywriter is able to help marketing leaders with big plans but small teams because I’ve led marketing teams and have operated in blockchain and crypto since 2017.

That means I’ll be able to provide the strategic support you need to both plan your content marketing strategy but also put it into effect, so that you and your fellow senior leaders are seeing the results rather than talking about the possibilities.

This assistance can begin at different starting points, depending on your current circumstances. For example, you might be the newly appointed Head of Marketing at a blockchain or crypto company that expects you deliver lead generation, brand awareness or customer acquisition results.

You might have a couple of marketing colleagues but they are either generalists or have a specific marketing skillset but little industry expertise. You could rely on this generalist marketing knowledge but, if you’re aiming to establish content as a keystone of your marketing strategy, you should really be aiming to work with a content marketing specialist who brings proven industry experience.

If this sounds like you, I’ll help you to build a content strategy across key distribution channels that matches your company goals, utilises your existing resources, achieves meaningful results in just a few weeks and establishes a scaleable roadmap for the months ahead.

Alternatively, you might be an established marketing leader who wants to use content for drive lead generation, brand awareness or account-based marketing but has been unable to do so due to other priorities or a lack of industry-specific copywriting expertise.

In this case, I’ll help you to build out your first long-form content campaign that mets your specific marketing outcomes. This includes the planning, research, writing, design and publication of the content as well as the distribution strategy that ensures it gets noticed.

Does Blockchain Copywriter also accept enquiries for ‘one-off’ copywriting projects?

While my focus is helping marketing leaders over a 6-24 month period, I also work with a select group of companies and teams on short-term, high-value campaigns that revolve around a long-form ‘hero’ piece, such as an industry report, ebook or educational course.

In general, the sort of ‘one-off’ projects I take on are for established blockchain and crypto companies who are in need of some addition expert support for an urgent campaign launch. I will also consider enquiries from smaller firms who want to kick off an engagement with this sort of long-form, quality content campaign in order to prove the value of content marketing before they invest more heavily in this strategy.

However, it’s worth noting that Blockchain Copywriter does not work on individual blogs, social media posts or other types of small scale ‘one-off’ content.

If you have a long-form, high-value content project that you’d like Blockchain Copywriter to help with, get in touch now.


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