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Ghostwriting blockchain and crypto thought leadership articles

Publish regular thought leadership articles without the hassle of having to write them.

Are you a senior C-suite leaders (CEO, COO, CTO etc.) or executive in a blockchain or crypto company?

If you want to increase your profile and influence in the industry, you will know that producing regular, long-form opinion articles is a great way of achieving your aim. The problem is, you simply do not have the time to think up, write, edit and distribute a well-crafted, engaging and articulate thought leadership piece on a regular basis.

You can see how a handful of key influencers dominate the conversations within the blockchain and crypto industries by producing regular content. You also know that there’s still plenty of opportunity for someone like you to reach and even surpass these individuals, especially as these industries expand. 

That’s why you want to produce in-depth articles to fill your social media channels, engage your audience and help differentiate yourself from anyone else. Whether it's because you don't have the time or you're just not a natural writer, actually producing this content is stopping you.

At Blockchain Copywriter, we enable you to publish regular, long-form thought leadership articles by doing the thinking, structuring, writing and editing copywriting for you. 

Our experienced blockchain copywriters are perfectly placed to take the ideas and opinions you have about a range of topics and turn them into the sort of long-form articles that will help you build a reputation as a thought leader.

We can help to develop ideas that fit with your interests and objectives, before researching and writing articles that you can be proud of sharing across a variety of social channels. We can also help you distribute your content so it's seen by as many people as possible.

If you’re ready to start publishing thought leadership articles without the hassle of writing them, get in touch now.

Why use our blockchain ghostwriter service?

Our blockchain ghostwriter service provides a number of benefits for founders and senior executives in the blockchain and crypto industries.

Firstly, it allows you to build your reputation as a thought leader and industry influencer. It helps you to start conversations with other market participants who share your goals and interests but who weren’t previously aware of your opinion on various topics. It also opens up interview, speaking and presentation opportunities with publishers who recognise interesting content.

Secondly, it enables founders and senior executives to achieve all these benefits with the minimum of effort. While our clients often play a major role in steering the direction of the content we produce for them, what they don't do is dedicate large amounts of their valuable time to creating, researching, planning, writing and editing the long-form thought leadership articles they want to publish.

In summary, our blockchain ghostwriter service allows our clients to publish regular thought leadership articles without the hassle of having to write it themselves.

Who is the blockchain ghostwriter service for?

Our ghostwriting service is specifically designed for founders, senior leaders and executives working in the blockchain and crypto industries. Our clients are busy and time poor but well aware of the need to ensure their personal profile remains well known in the market. 

These individuals know the benefits of producing regular, long-form thought leadership content for personal brand building. They can see that their peers and competitors are doing it and building reputations as industry influencers of the back of this content. By working with Blockchain Copywriter, our clients achieve the same effect without any of the hard work.

The time it would take them to imagine, research, write and edit the sort of quality blockchain copywriting they want to publish is just one of the blockers they face. Some clients are well aware that, even if they had the time, their natural talent lies with writing code not words. For them, the ideas and opinions are not the problem. It is the writer’s block they face ever time they sit down to blog.

What is involved in blockchain ghostwriting?

Our blockchain ghostwriter service produces regular long-form thought leadership articles for founders, leaders and senior executives in the blockchain and crypto industries. Rather than produce huge quantities of low value content that looks spammy and provides readers with little or no insight, we help individuals to produce well crafted, insightful opinion pieces, usually once every two weeks.

A standard engagement with a client involves producing two articles of 1000 words twice every month. The work required by a client to produce this sort of article can be as simple as a 15 minute conversation with our managing editor, or just a couple of emails. Then they have quality long-form content to share through their social media channels, directly with peers and prospects or via new channels we can open up for them.

The process of blockchain copywriting begins with us researching the topics, angles and opinions you want to cover in your articles. If necessary, we can help you to come up with these ideas so that they complement your personality, your project and the market you are part of. 

Once we have a general outline for the content you want to produce, we’ll start to develop specific ideas for articles. This will involve discussing the topic with you to suggest and confirm any potential subtopics that should be mentioned and how each section will flow into an engaging and authoritative narrative. We'll also do the research for you, finding third party data and reports - or including your own research, if you'd prefer - to ensure your article is full of proof points.

We’ll make sure you are involved at every step, confirming the titles, subtopics and structure of each article before it is produced. While this doesn’t involve a lot of work on your part, it will help to ensure that you feel the article is going in the right direction and that the first draft we produce is as close to the final article you require as possible. 

Then, once the first draft is ready, we’ll always give you a round of amends to ensure that the final version we produce hits your desired marks. All you have to do is review and confirm our work through a few quick and simple interactions before it’s ready to publish and share.

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